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“What ESA Means to Me”


By Libby Maxey, Gamma Pi – Indianapolis #2335    Libby’s essay also went onto win the IC competition at the July 2017 IC Convention!

Pledge Date: November, 2016
First place winner for less than one year

It’s almost that time.  You come into the building, walk down the hall and open the door.  Heads turn to see who has arrived and immediately, smiles light up on faces all over the room.  You step inside to find a seat as everyone greets you with warm hugs or friendly hellos.  Acceptance.  Then it begins.  Plans are discussed and ideas are thrown around as we work together to find ways to raise money in our community as well as raise awareness for the many different organizations and charities we support. 

I have been around the Wonderful World of ESA because my mother joined in 2008 after participating in a motorcycle event to raise money for Camp Riley.  Because of her membership and example, I have since joined in numerous events to help raise funds for St. Jude Hospital, Relay for Life, Riley Children’s Hospital and more.  The enormous feeling of gratification that fills your heart when you are part of a something that can do so much good for so many different groups can be awe-inspiring. 

This is what led me to finally pledge to Gamma Pi and become a member.  Getting to know these ladies has made me excited and eager to continue the work we do as a team.  There’s so much diversity ranging from background and experience within the chapter, that we learn from each other and grow as an organization.  It’s wonderful knowing when ESA members come together, good things will happen and we can make a positive difference in the lives of others.  Feeling accepted into this world is the best gift of all.


By Karen Maxey, Gamma Pi-Indianapolis #2335

Pledge Date: 2008

First place winner for over one year

I have been an ESA member now going on nine years. What ESA means to me has taken on a whole new meaning this year.

ESA means Education, an opportunity to learn and grow.  Serving as Chapter President this year, I have stepped outside my comfort zone to learn and grow.  I have always been one who was comfortable following others, not leading but working behind the scenes, not out in front of everyone, to be seen by all.  So, it has definitely been a year of growth for me with the help and encouragement of supportive sisters I have been able to step up to the task of leading the Chapter.

ESA means Service, an opportunity to pursue the right to be of service to others.  This year to be of service took on a much broader meaning.  In addition to helping causes such as Camp Riley and St Jude through our philanthropic projects, I was able to be of service within our Chapter, helping the officers, committee chairs and members each be the best they could be within their roles. 

ESA means Association, an opportunity to make friends and network with people that have inspired me, encouraged me, and motivated me to be the best that I can be.  Over the past nine years the friends that I have made through ESA have become forever family, but now I have been joined in ESA by my actual family.  My sister-in law Bonnie joined us last year and this year my sister Cindy and two daughters Stephanie and Elizabeth became members.  I am so excited to have them be a part of something I am so passionate about, for them to experience the many opportunities for service and growth.

I look forward to what next year will bring.



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