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Disaster Fund

Disaster Fund Chairperson


Denise Hagerty

Gamma Pi #2335

7514 Samuel Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46259



The Disaster Fund was set up to assist an ESA member whose home and/or personal belongings are destroyed or damaged extensively by one of nature’s causes – fire, flood, etc. Assistance may also be given when a member incurs heavy financial responsibility due to a debilitating illness or accident which involves the member or the immediate family who resides in the member’s home and for whom the member is legally responsible. An active member, Members-at-Large, Life Active members, and other applications that may arise out of special circumstances may be submitted and determination of the validity of those claims will be determined by the IC Disaster Fund Chair in agreement with the IC President and First Vice-President-President Elect.

The maximum that a recipient can receive is $5,000. It is a gift, and not expected to be paid back by the receiver. States are encouraged to raise money by having fundraisers or giving donations to help with the maintenance of the general account.

This year my goal for Indiana is that we will raise more money than the claims paid to our Indiana Sisters and Brothers in need.  I know that you won’t let me down!

Disaster Forms:  Send to Denise Hagerty Disaster Fund Chairperson for 2017-2018


ALL Disaster Fund Forms, Applications, Criteria is located on the Forms page


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