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Hope for Heroes


Denise Hagerty

Jr. Past President 2017-2018


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November 11th is Vetern’s Day:  If you go to the following link, you will see a list of all the Indiana National Guard contacts in the state of Indiana  for “Hope for Heroes ESA National Event. Please check it out & let me know what your chapter’s plans are for the event.  I would love to see 100% chapter participation.   http://www.in.ng.mil/Organization/Facilities/ArmoryListing/tabid/320/Default.aspx



From Chip Shaffer, MARC Hope For Heros Chairman:

I am requesting that we get the word out to all of the 12 states and all the chapters in those states. After a recent issue here inIllinois that came up there needs to be some clarification to shipping overseas and Christmas cards and for Wounded Warriors. First the directions for Christmas card for Wounded Warrior at Walter Reed have been posted to the MARC Facebook page. I now have updated addresses for troops in Afghanistan along with surroundings areas. I can share them yet there are some serious restrictions. First there will not nor can not be any Religious items in any packages shipped to our US Military inAfghanistan. Nine years ago a VFW shipped bibles to a group in Iraq, they were caught and it resulted in a $10,000.00 fine and barred from ever shipping again. Does your chapter have anyone that can afford that?

As long we are all on the same page then e-mail me with the understanding we all play by the same rules. If you don’t like the rules please contact the DOD. Their rules, we work under those rules.

Any opened DVD must be checked prior to shipment for the possibility of Porn. (Yes some of them would like it yet it still a no-no).  Home baked cookies brownies etc are not to be shipped. Troops are told to throw then away. The only exception is that they came from a family member or someone they know.

The addresses will not nor can they have a military rank on them. (I.e. Captain, private etc.)

You can-not ship any boxes, or cards to “any soldier”. Your Post Office will either hand it back to you or return to shipper.

Again use the long form Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note (2976-A) There is a block to check that is marked “Treat as Abandoned” You do not want these items back. When they are marked this way they are turned over to the Chaplain who will distribute them, DO NOT USE THE SHORT FORM! If you do and they are not there you can expect the mail-person at your door with the box that now has travel over 10,000 plus miles.

If I missed anything e-mail me.

Please stay safe, and it only takes 1 mind, 1 heart, 1 purpose to make it happen.




The Purpose of “Hope for Heroes”

 To honor our country’s service men and women! 

The Program: Chapters and/or individual members of Epsilon Sigma Alpha (ESA) will prepare and ship a care package(s) to a service person stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan on or near Veteran’s Day. Involve your community and other organizations by: 

1.  Publicizing the fact that ESA is going to gather goods and prepare packages for troops.  If you’d like to expand the program, contact other local businesses/service organizations to assist you.

2.  Locally, solicit the names of men or women who might be serving in Iraq or Afghanistan to see if they would like their service person to become a recipient of your Hope for Heroes package.

3.  Letting people know where and when you plan to collect goods.  Have a short program of thanks at a specific time during the collection process to thank those who are helping, and to gain additional publicity for your work.  Be certain to contact media for coverage.

4.  Assembling and mailing the packages.  Recruit volunteers to assist you if you’re working on multiple packages.  Let your State President and Jr. Past President know that your chapter has participated in the program.

5.  Make the program bigger by enlisting the help of your Chamber of Commerce, local church groups, local businesses, other volunteers, etc.

Hope for Heroes – Package Insert

Hope for Heroes – Care Package Program

Hope for Heroes – Suggestions For Care Packages

Hope for Heroes Care Packages 2016

Hope for Heroes – Coupon Exchange Program

Hope For Heroes – Additional Projects

Also Family is important & here is help for them:


Also for the Families:

Please visit the Indiana National Guard web site at:  www.in.ng.mil/familyresources

Family Assistance Locations

Family Readiness Brochure

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